Memento Guide

Last updated: November 5, 2014

The following resources provide an up-to-date overview of the Memento framework:
  • Introduction to Memento.
  • Resource Versioning and Memento, describes how wikis, content management systems, and software versioning systems that use a common versioning pattern can support the Memento protocol.
  • Determining Resource Type details how clients can recognize a Memento, a TimeGate, and an Original Resource.
  • RFC 7089 is the authoritative technical specification of the Memento protocol.
  • Demos suggests ways to see Memento (including its HTTP transactions) in action.
  • The below "Memento 101" tutorial slides.
The following resources constitute thinking in progress about issues related to the Memento framework:
  • Thoughts on Referencing, Linking, Reference Rot is motivated by the link rot problem. It propopses to add temporal context to links as a means to increase web persistence.
  • Memento Capabilities for Wikipedia, describes how users of Wikipedia and other MediaWiki platforms can benefit from Memento's web time travel.
  • The below "Creating Pockets of Persistence" slides with thoughts on combating link/reference rot.
The following resources are not technically up-to-date but still provide further context to support an understanding of the Memento framework: